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Amalgam Free Fillings

While we offer traditional amalgam fillings, if you choose, we can instead fill your teeth with composite (tooth coloured) fillings which are amalgam-free. We can also remove any existing amalgam fillings that you may have and replace with composite bonding. What are Amalgam Fillings? Amalgam fillings are silver metal fillings containing a combination of zinc, […]
Dental Clinic Room at Sydenham Dental Centre

Emergency Dental Services & Symptoms

Here at Sydenham Dental Centre we recognise dental emergencies can happen anywhere and at any time and cannot wait for a scheduled dental appointment. Accordingly, we offer emergency dental services for pain relief during surgery hours. Call Us on 03 366 7429 for Same Day Emergency Dental Care. Dental emergencies may be caused by a […]
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Gum Health Plan for Treating Periodontitis

Periodontitis is a common gum disease from bacteria naturally living in your mouth but normally not posing a problem, however, when conditions are right and plaque builds up on your teeth, the bacteria dramatically multiplies posing a serious threat to the wellbeing of your teeth. Periodontitis causes the gums to become inflamed and appears as […]
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Tips For Good Oral Hygiene

Here at Sydenham Dental Centre we believe in prevention over cure. Oral hygiene is not only vital to the oral health of both your teeth and gums, but also important to your overall wellbeing. With good dental hygiene, your teeth will be clear of food debris and plaque, your gums will be pink and healthy […]