Root Canal Treatment

As an alternative to removing a diseased or dead tooth, we can save the tooth with a root canal treatment. If you are unsure what procedure is best for your teeth, or are in pain with your teeth, call us on 03 366 7429 to make an appointment with one of our dentists.

What is Root Canal Treatment?

To understand root canal treatment, it is helpful to gain a basic understanding of tooth structure. The parts of a tooth include the enamel (the tooth’s hard outer coating), dentin (softer material making up most of a tooth and supports the enamel), cementum (a hard calcified substance covering the tooth’s roots) and dental pulp (this is soft tissue in the tooth’s centre). Inside each tooth is a fine space called the root canal, inside the root canal is the dental pulp. The dental pulp is made up of blood vessels and nerves. If the dental pulp dies or becomes diseased, the tooth may become sore and an abscess may occur.

A root canal filling is needed when an infection penetrates all the way down to the root of the tooth. To treat this and save the tooth, the bacteria from the tooth’s root system must be removed. While most general fillings are shallow only in the tooth enamel and dentin and do not penetrate the tooth’s root canal, root canal fillings are much deeper going down into the nerves and tooth pulp.

Sydenham Dental Centre can offer you a series of root canal treatments to care for your teeth.

What is the Root Canal Treatment Procedure?

Root canal treatment procedures are more complex and involved than normal tooth filling procedures. Additionally, root canal fillings may require multiple visits to the dentist to complete. The procedures we follow for root canal treatment are:

Examination, x-rays and other tests are undergone to assess the health of your teeth.

A latex sheet may be placed around the tooth to isolate it from the mouth.

Access is gained to the root canals of the tooth by drilling a hole through the top of the tooth.

The root canal is cleaned and shaped and measured for length.

After sterilisation, the root canal is sealed with a permanent filling.

It can take several days for the tooth to settle and become fully restored.

Treatment can take several visits. Temporary fillings and dressings are placed in the tooth in between dental visits.

Will a Root Canal be Painful?

Here at Sydenham Dental Centre we strive to make your dental visits as painless and stress-free as possible. We administer local anaesthetic during treatments. We can also offer prescriptions for pain relief medication.

Normally painful symptoms improve once root canal treatment is begun.

Are Root Canals Successful?

Generally root canal treatments have a very high success rate. We can provide a better analysis once we begin cleaning and sealing the tooth.

How much will a Root Canal Treatment Cost?

Costs vary depending on the condition of each tooth requiring root canal treatment. At Sydenham Dental Centre we are always happy to provide you with an estimate of treatment costs.

How do I Book in for a Root Canal?

Simply contact us to arrange a time for your Root Canal Treatment.