Christchurch Registered Dental Hygienist

As you may know, the Dental Hygienist is a specially trained member of the Dental team. By working together with your dentist, it is our aim to provide you with treatment which prevents oral disease and maintains your optimum oral health. In the past your Dentist may have provided you with these services. We now recognise the extra time spent with your Dental Hygienist can help to better achieve this long term aim.

What is the Role of the Dental Hygienist within the Practice?

Hygienists perform four main roles:

Evaluation and assessment of your periondontal (gum) tissue. Recording changes in the hard and soft tissues of the mouth. This may include the taking of additional x-rays, where necessary.

Scaling and polishing of teeth. This involves meticulous removal of plaque and calculus (tartar) from above and below the gum-line. This is a crucial stage in the returning of the teeth and gums, and it is important that any deposits below the gum-line be removed thoroughly. Hygienists are specially trained to do this.

Evaluation and education in oral hygiene techniques on an individual basis. This will include care for your gums and teeth and the role of bacteria/plaque in dental diseases. Most people are aware of the need for regular brushing and flossing. Your hygienist can explain the importance of your role in maintaining after-treatment gum health.

Applying preventative agents like fluroide and fissure sealants to teeth.

Why is Home Dental Care Important?

Tooth decay and gum disease can be prevented!

Good home plaque control that uses effective techniques to remove plaque on a daily basis, combined with a reduction in sugar intake, will prevent gum disease and tooth decay. While some people think bad teeth and tooth extractions are a fact of life and age, this is not true. Teeth may be preserved and kept healthy well into your senor years with appropriate dental health care and dental hygiene. Brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing once a day are vitally important basic home dental care and healthy habits everyone can and should have.

Why can’t my Dentist do this?

A dental hygienist is specially trained to provide the necessary attention to detail, on an individual basis. This is often not achievable by your dentist. The hygienist will be able to spend more time with you than the dentist who provides a lot of other complex oral procedures.

Is there any Discomfort?

Usually dental hygiene treatment is pain free. If you find your treatment is uncomfortable it is important that you discuss this with the hygienist.

Is it Expensive?

Any preventive care will ultimately lead to savings. Depending on the type of treatment carried out and length of appointment, costs may vary. Some patients need more than one visit initially. At Sydenham Dental Centre we are always happy to provide you with an estimate of treatment costs.

How do I make an Appointment?

Simply contact us to arrange a time to see our Dental Hygienist.

Gum Health Plan for Disease Care

The health of your gums is a vital part of the overall health of your teeth, sometimes your teeth may become infected with a common gum disease called Periodontitis. Periodontitis can be a serious threat to the wellbeing of your dental hygiene and can lead to loss of teeth, swollen and inflamed gums, discoloured teeth, bad breath and loss of jawbone mass. Periodontitis destroys the tooth ligaments that hold your teeth in place and is a condition that should be treated as soon as possible as damage may be irreversible. Our dental hygienist will identify this disease so that it can be treated early before any lasting damage occurs.

Sydenham Dental Centre offer a Gum Health Plan to help treat this disease, and restore your teeth to their optimum health.

ยป Gum Health Plan for treating Periodontitis